Smoking Cigarettes- Good or Bad?

Everyone knows that “smoking is bad for you.” One out of every six people die each year from smoking related illnesses, in the U.S. alone. But what if someone told you that smoking can actually be good for you?


A few examples:

  1. Nicotine enhances our ability to think, perform, and take tests.
  2. Nicotine increases our memory function.
  3. Smoking is a good way to let off steam, relax, or concentrate.

If you don’t think about all of the health risks and diseases that it can cause, smoking seems to be on the up and up. Smokers need to realize the harm they are causing themselves for no reason other than pleasure. Lung disease, heart problems, yellow teeth, and shortness of breath could have been prevented by throwing away that pack of menthols, and having good concentration, memory skills, being able to relax, and losing a few pounds can be achieved in other ways than lighting up a Marlboro.

What is your opinion?

This blog correlates with my Module 4 digitized paper: smokingresearch


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