Added Sugar vs. Natural Sugar


Sugar is sugar, right? Not true. According to Anjali at, there is a huge difference between sugar that has been added to our food and sugar that naturally occurs.

Added sugar is basically any sugar or sweetener that has been added to a food product during processing or preparation. This can include putting sugar in your morning coffee, eating flavored yogurt, or adding sugar to your cereal.

Natural sugar is sugar that is part of a whole food. This includes lactose in milk or fructose in apples. This type of sugar acts different in our bodies because of the protein, fiber, and water that accompany them in a whole food. They are also lower on the glycemic index than added sugar.

For example, an apple has 19g of sugar and a Hershey’s Almond Bar has 18g of sugar. Even though there is less sugar in the candy bar, it would be easier on your body to eat the apple since it has naturally occurring sugar.

What do you think?

Anjali’s article:


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